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Find a search engine that doesn't track your queries or build an advertising profile based on your searches.

Privacy Respecting Search Engines

searx - Decentral

searx - Decentral logo searx is an open-source metasearch engine, aggregating the results of other search engines while not storing information about its users. No logs, no ads and no tracking. There is a list of public instances, or you can try the PrivacyTools Search

DuckDuckGo - USA

DuckDuckGo - USA logo DuckDuckGo is a "search engine that doesn't track you." Some of DuckDuckGo's code is free software hosted at GitHub, but the core is proprietary. The company is based in the USA.

Qwant - France

Qwant - France logo Qwant is a search engine with its philosophy based on two principles: no user tracking and no filter bubble. Qwant was launched in France in February 2013.

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